Olivia Iris Wilson

About me

Here you can find out a little more about me, my business and how it all began…

Hello and welcome!

Hi, I’m Olivia Wilson. You should know I find writing about myself very uncomfortable, but seeing as you’re here I’ll give it a go.

I’m an illustrator and designer specialising in pen and ink drawings, as well as watercolour paintings. Give me an ultimatum between those two mediums and I don’t think I could give you an answer! I love the bold and intricate lines you can create with ink, but I also think the delicacy of watercolours is so beautiful.

Who do I work with?


I often work with people who are looking for a bespoke illustration that can be given as a special gift to family or friends.


I offer an integrative solution to graphic design in which I often use my own hand-drawn illustrations in design work for businesses who are looking for a unique spin on a project.

My values

I didn’t grow up with much exposure to art or design myself, so I know how intimidating the ~art world~ can be. To mitigate this, I keep the following values close to my heart while working with all my clients:


I hope to foster a space where anybody who is interested in working with me feels they can approach me and have an open chat about their ideas.


I only charge what I think is fair and reasonable. Where possible, I try to offer affordable alternatives to more involved work so that hopefully anyone can find something within their budget.


Throughout the process of creating a piece, I’m always happy to chat. Whether that be during the initial design stages, or by sending regular updates throughout the project until completion.

How it all began

I almost wasn’t an illustrator. I was very much on the path towards a career in civil engineering, I got my Masters degree and everything!

I’d always had a huge passion for all things creative ever since I was a little girl redeeming my arcade tickets for teeny tiny crafting beads, or coming up with book covers for imaginary stories I’d (badly) written. However, for a long time I didn’t even think creative careers were an option, until one day during my final year in education it felt like a lightbulb turned on in my brain and I asked myself, why not? It all snowballed from there really, and I couldn’t picture my life without designing and creating every day.

My experience in engineering definitely shaped me as an artist and designer, though. On a visual level I love doing all the highly intricate details of a piece. Behind the scenes, I enjoy learning how to use new creative software, designing and building websites (like this one!), and researching new trends in the design industry.