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Make your merchandise unique with custom designs

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Surface and pattern design

Surface design is the process of creating designs, patterns and repeats which can be used on almost any project whether physical or digital.

From playful to sophisticated, there is a whole range of exciting possibilities at your fingertips for your next project. It’s all dependant on the feelings you want to invoke with your product. I especially enjoy reworking the colours and placement of elements to create collections of designs that complement each other. This can be a great way to put together a range of products for your brand, and it’s also good value!

Product packaging and labels

I’ve found product packaging trends have shifted recently to more friendly, simplistic designs that feel relatable to the buyer. I think this presents an opportunity for utilising illustration, with lots of hand-drawn elements to add a bit of personality to the design. If you’d like to discuss design options for your packaging, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Bag and tote design

Bags and totes serve as a useful gift that will likely be used by your clients, meaning they’re a fun way to promote your brand. 

Tote bags are eco-friendly and practical which already makes them super popular. So, why not harness this popularity to promote your brand? I focus on designing creative and eye-catching graphics which cleverly incorporate your branding in a way that makes the bag more likely to be used out and about. This way, you’ll have a passive marketing tool that shares your brand identity with the world for years. 

Merchandise design

Whether you’re looking for merchandise to sell as part of your business, promotional products, or you’re an eCommerce business owner, I’m sure you know good design is paramount to the success of a product. 

By commissioning bespoke designs for your merchandise, you’ll be sure to maintain authenticity and consistency with your brand identity. There are so many fun and original merchandise options you could go for, and with an increasing number of Print on Demand services emerging you can minimise risk, too. I can help you from the conceptual stage of your product all the way to a finished design ready to be sent to a supplier or manufacturer. Get in touch below and let the fun begin! 

Clothing and merchandise design gallery

Take a look through my portfolio of merchandise projects for a closer look at my work, and feel free to get in touch below if you have any questions about how I can help you with your next project!

Contact me

Have a question about my work, or interested in commissioning a piece? Please drop me a message below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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