Web and app design

Professional web and app design to increase trust and engagement

Web design

There are so many amazing ideas for businesses out there, but without a professional website, it’s very hard to get far online.

The business world is changing and it is increasingly difficult to get noticed, which is why I’m passionate about helping companies grow through web design. During my design process I like to discuss and discover what your business is all about and how this can be reflected in your website design. Through this process, we can explore the many ways to turn ordinary web design into something special. I especially love incorporating little illustrated elements to add that touch of personality to the design, from bold hero graphics to hand-drawn icons. 

App design

My approach to app design is by finding the balance between creativity and simplicity. Apps are interactive, so there can’t be loads off elements clogging up the screen, but the design also needs to be engaging. Also, with the increasing popularity of web applications, I also understand the importance of creating responsive designs that can be used on a range of devices.

Icons and illustration

Taking a look through my website, you’ll see I specialise in illustration. I think using hand-drawn illustrations can add so much charm and friendliness to your online project. They also have the benefit of conveying your message in a fraction of the time ordinary text would. Research states the average time spent on a web page is around one minute, so it makes sense to use every tool at your disposal to engage your site visitors. Bespoke graphics help to inject personality into your website and build trust in your brand at a glance.

Landing page design

Landing pages often contain much more content than the average web page, so it’s even more important to utilise graphics in a way that capture and maintain your audience’s attention.

As a visitor will usually have traded something such as their contact information to view this page, I think it’s only fair that great design is employed to create a real experience for the reader. My role is to use design techniques and unique visuals in a way that lead readers to action. After all, that’s the main purpose of a landing page!

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